Hello world!

My name is Mic Carlson.  I am an international sculptor/artist from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Recently I had the great honor to meet with the Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican and present him with one of my bronze statues of St. Francis of Assisi.  Needless to say that was a true highlight to my career as an artist.  Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino of Assisi, Italy is to the left of Pope Benedict XVI.

I am on a journey with St. Francis of Assisi and through my artwork I hope to bring the joy and love of this beloved man to those who follow. These blogs will be about my St. Francis entry in  Artprize 2010.  I will keep you updated as I create.  Thanks for visiting!

Pace e bene.


Please see my “About” page listed above on long photo.

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St. Philomena Painting Unveiling

My Painting for Susan

Susan Evangelista, Author

As seen through the eyes of Mic

About miccarlson

I am an International Sculptor/Artist born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My journey has brought so many wonderful blessings in my life. I will continue to be thankful as I create my bronze sculptures for many to enjoy. Here is a video of a few of my life size statues in the making.
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4 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Ronald Wheaton says:

    I know that dude! This is so cool Mike, I’m sorry “MIC”. We all used to call you Mike though. But being the very cool artist that you are, I guess we will call you what ever you like. The work you are doing, and the places you have been are sure to shape, not only yourself, but the entire world, in a better mold. Thanks for being you. Ron.

  2. Gerry Lykins from Ft. Thomas in Kentucky says:

    Hi, Mic and everyone..

    I ‘discovered’ Mic and Susan and Mic’s wonderful work while in Grand Rapids visiting my son, who lives here.. So much about Mic’s work resonates with my life experience that I was very moved..and will be using Mic’s very special website to view his art from time to time…just ‘to feed my soul’…

    I love nature, art, St. Francis, Venice, cats, Charlie Chaplin…and on Mic’s website they can all be found together..

    On an even deeper and ‘philosophical’ level: Art can either ‘mirror’ the current condition of culture or of man’s heart/mind/soul…OR it can ‘lead the way’.. Mic’s art, in my opinion, is ‘showing’ the way.. and who better than Francis to help with that? We need, at this present time…such real and viable reminders of ‘the way’.. G. Lykins/Ft.Thomas, Ky.

  3. Donna Roush says:

    We were told there was an Artprize entry downtown this year that pays tribute to all the Fallen Michigan Soldiers since 9/11. The memorial wall is in front of the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum. Yesterday was a beautiful day so we ventured out on the motorcycle to go check out the artwork. Two years have passed since our precious son was killed and yet the sight of his name engraved in stone is stunning. The first thing we want to do is touch his name …for that is all we have left now, memorials, plaques, pictures and memories. I sobbed as we were confronted with the realization of the finality of it all. We could not pull ourselves away from the sight, as we stood just gazing at our son’s name and so many other families’ son’s we now know and are familiar with, we cried.

    We decided to take pictures of some of the boys names we are now joined with as friends of their families. As we stood there looking at so many familiar names, a stranger walked up with another couple. She looked at the wall then in front of us reached down and touched Nick’s name…we looked at her and she said to her friends….he’s our boy from our town….now what are the odds…I looked at her and she had such compassion in her eyes….I said we are the Roush’s…her eyes filled with tears and she immediately hugged me. Now of course we were all crying. She said she could imagine how hard this must be, she has a son and couldn’t bear to lose him.

    I just wanted to share with you my post on Facebook, as the mom of one of Michigan’s Fallen Heroes, I am grateful for your willingness to share your talent. While it is very hard to see your son’s name on that wall, the thought of anyone forgetting the extreme sacrifice is much harder. Thank you for honoring our heroes and for sharing your God given talent with West Michigan.

    Thanks again,
    Donna Roush
    Proud Mother of CPL Nicholas Ryan Roush
    KIA 8-16-09 Herat, Afganistan

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