My Painting for Susan

Mic and Susan

I love surprising Susan, and her Valentine/birthday painting was a hit!  I had this idea to take some of Susan’s favorite things like angels, fairies, sunsets, Lake Michigan, Northern Lights, rainbows, doves, St. Francis, Assisi and ME….and place them in a painting with her.  Now if you look real close you will see my face right beside my angel Susan’s. Here is a hint…..St. Francis’ face is my ear.

When I showed her this painting she cried.  She loves it so much she asked to have it placed above our fireplace.  So when you walk into our home, you see this painting right away.

2 Responses to My Painting for Susan

  1. Lori Petty says:

    How lovely! How lucky you and Susan are to have such a beautiful relationship. I found these sites from the links you sent me on facebook (L.A. Petty) but I must say, your works are 1000 times what I expected!

    Lori A. Petty J.

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